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Delphi Economic Forum I


The Delphi Economic Forum I took place
from February 25-28, 2016
at the European Cultural Centre of Delphi, Greece


Delphi Economic Forum is an independent and impartial not-for-profit organization working in close cooperation with civil society, public organizations, businesses and individuals. 

The Forum is committed to deliver and promote innovative ideas for sustainable and competitive growth for Greece and the wider region.

The Delphi Economic Forum is a policy platform and an ideal starting point to focus attention on what should be done in concrete terms to realize strategic goals for the socio-economic transformation of Greece. The Forum will promote the capabilities of Greece to become regionally and internationally competitive by unlocking the potential of the Greek Economy and society.

The Forum is governed by a Foundation Board which is dedicated to its mission, ensuring that it brings value to our members through our annual meeting, policy papers and knowledge platforms. The Board decides on strategy issues, is responsible for the dissemination of the results, appointing new members and managing its activities and budgets. 

Foundation Board

Symeon G. Tsomokos

Founder and Chairman of the Delphi Economic Forum

Panayiotis Bernitsas

Managing Partner M&P Bernitsas Law Offices

John D. Saracakis

President Saracakis Group of Companies

Yiannis Thomatos

Research Fellow, University of Athens

Stella Tsomokou

Vice-President SGT SA

Yiannis Trikardos

President of Trikardos SA

Lila Vogli

Communications Consultant